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We sat down with the most inspiring experts worldwide to give you an insider’s perspective on their fascinating personal journeys into the luxury world

  • Episode 84: Maxime Delavallée talks to Olivier Guyot about “Circular Fashion Evolution” FR

    Maxime Delavallée, President of the Fédération de la Mode Circulaire and Co-Founder of CrushON, unravelled his journey in championing circular fashion, detailing Fédération de la Mode Circulaire's mission to democratize circularity and eliminate textile waste.


    Episode 83: Walter Butler talks to Godfrey Deeny about “Strategic Luxury Investment” EN

    Walter Butler, President of Butler Industries, unfolded his journey from founding Butler Capital Partners to shaping Butler Industries, unveiling the core principles guiding his luxury business investment choices.


    Episode 82: Thierry Andretta talks to Godfrey Deeny about “British Leather Renaissance” EN

    Thierry Andretta, CEO of Mulberry and former executive of Lanvin and Buccellati, shared his mission to revitalize the iconic British brand with a global perspective while preserving its heritage.


    Episode 81: Christine Phung talks to Olivier Guyot about “From Scratch to Success” FR

    Christine Phung, award-winning fashion designer and former artistic director at Leonard and Princesse Tam Tam, walks us down the multifaceted landscapes of her career as a fashion designer and an entrepreneur to her own brand Christine Phung.


    Episode 80: Simone Gibertoni talks to Godfrey Deeny about “Journey to Wellness & Longevity” EN

    Simone Gibertoni, CEO of Clinique La Prairie, celebrates Clinique La Prairie's enduring legacy and their innovative spirit in the luxury wellness tourism market.

  • Episode 79: Thomas & Matthieu Lafont talks to Olivier Guyot about “Heritage Meets Innovation” FR

    Thomas and Matthieu Lafont, representing Lafont, a French family-owned luxury eyewear maison, delve into the core of Lafont’s heritage, innovation, and the challenges they navigate in the dynamic eyewear industry.


    Episode 78: Mickael Mas talks to Godfrey Deeney about "Improving distribution networks with AI" EN

    Mickael Mas, CEO of Symaps, explores how his location intelligence platform has revolutionized the way businesses expand their global footprint by choosing their next store locations using data and AI.


    Episode 77: Yann Rivoallan talks to Olivier Guyot about “Reinventing the French Fashion Industry” FR

    Yann Rivoallan, President of the Fédération Française du Prêt à Porter Féminin(French Federation of Women’s Ready-to-Wear)explores the fabric of fashion brand metamorphosis, including the pivotal roles of co-creation, AI, data, and their impact, as he deciphers industry lacunae.


    Episode 76: Maximilien Urso talks to Olivier Guyot about “Luxury Resale Innovation” FR

    Maximilien Urso, CEO of Efficio Group and Cresus, sheds light on their pioneering role in the secondary luxury market. Uncover valuable insights into their brand activities and AI-driven strategies, while also exploring the dynamic world of the second-hand watchmaking and jewelry industry.


    Episode 75: Tatiana Dupond talks to Olivier Guyot about “Leveraging TikTok for Luxury” FR

    Tatiana Dupond, the Director of Luxury, Fashion, Beauty & CPG at TikTok's Global Business Solutions explores the influential role of TikTok in the world of luxury. Dive into the realm of innovative content creation and discover how TikTok empowers brands to connect with their target audiences.


    Episode 74: Nathalie Remy talks to Godfrey Deeny about “Transforming Luxury Businesses” EN

    Nathalie Remy, a Partner at Bain & Co. and the former CEO of Christofle shares how her expertise has guided luxury brands through the ever-changing consumer landscape, while uncovering the transformative power of data and AI in shaping the future of luxury.


    Episode 73: Carole Benaroya and Stéphanie Eriksson talks to Olivier Guyot about “Crafting a Niche” FR

    Carole Benaroya and Stéphanie Eriksson, Co-Founders of Kujten, a leader in ethically-sourced, sustainable luxury cashmere share insights into their journey from childhood friends to co-founding Kujten together and share early careers and passionate start in the fashion world.


    Episode 72: Joël Palix talks to Olivier Guyot about “Beauty, Innovation, and Beyond” FR

    Joël Palix, Founder of Palix Unlimited shares his professional journey, including his transition to the luxury and beauty industry and takes the audience back to his early days as a manager. He also discusses the crucial role of innovation in e-commerce development, and shares his vision for the future of e-commerce, data, and AI.


    Episode 71: Leslie Serrero talks to Godfrey Deeny about “Selling the Dream of Luxury Spirits” EN

    Leslie Serrero, International Managing Director of Casa Komos Brands Group (CKBG), engages in an intriguing conversation where she discusses her transition from the world of consulting to the luxury industry, particularly in the realm of luxury spirits.


    Episode 70: Michael Kliger talks to Godfrey Deeny about “Curating Luxury Online” EN

    Michael Kliger, CEO of Mytheresa, discusses the importance of data-driven decision-making with intuition and experience to attract and retain customers, as well as the company's success in China and its business model.

  • Episode 69: Sylvie Freund Pickavance talks to Godfrey Deeny about “Building Luxury Shopping Destinations”

    Sylvie Freund Pickavance, Global Director of Strategy and Business Development at Value Retail Group, discusses how they revolutionized their shopping villages by prioritizing experience and hospitality. She also shares her advice for young talents aspiring to pursue a career in the luxury world.


    Episode 68: Stephen Jones talks to Godfrey Deeny about “The Art of Hat-Making” EN

    Stephen Jones is a leading figure in the world of millinery, renowned for his innovative designs and bold approach to hat-making. He shares his experiences with fashion icons and his inspiration behind Dior's couture shows. He offers heartfelt advice for young talent aspiring to pursue a career in the fashion world.


    Episode 67: Etienne Russo talks to Godfrey Deeny about “Crafting Experiences in Fashion” EN

    Etienne Russo is the Founder of Villa Eugénie, a company that produces major league fashion shows and events internationally. He shares his experience and process of producing shows, from briefs to realization, bringing the designer's vision to life, and how press and events will continue to evolve in the future due to new technologies and sustainability concerns.


    Episode 66: Mossi Traoré talks to Godfrey Deeny about “Bridging Artistic Expressions” FR

    Mossi Traoré is the Founder and Creative Director of Mossi, his eponymous fashion label. He shares his experience on linking business with social issues, working with students in fashion high schools, the rise of African fashion, textile innovation, and chasing dreams.


    Episode 65: Laure Betsch talks to Olivier Guyot about “Making Fashion Responsible” FR

    Laure Betsch is the Co-founder of Fairly Made, a company that helps fashion brands become more sustainable. She shares her insights on the evolution of the market, the importance of traceability in the value chain, and how she's helping brands get out of greenwashing by providing concrete proof with Fairly Made's solution.


    Episode 64: Pierre-Nicolas Hurstel talks to Olivier Guyot about “Future of Web3 fashion” FR

    Pierre-Nicolas Hurstel, CEO & Co-Founder of Arianee, discusses the challenges, opportunities and impact of the Web3 digital ecosystem. He shares his entrepreneurial journey of growing his business by understanding the supply chain and network, and navigating the digital transformation of luxury and fashion brands.


    Episode 63: Lucien Pages talks to Godfrey Deeny about “Evolution of Fashion Ecosystem” FR

    Lucien Pages is a leading fashion publicist and founder of Lucien Pages Communication. He discusses the evolution of fashion press, promoting brands pre-internet, and how different actors interact and influence each other. He explains how he works with different types of brands, the success of Jacquemus, and the rise and decline of written press.


    Episode 62: Pierre Mahéo talks to Olivier Guyot about “Growing a Fashion Brand” FR

    Pierre Mahéo, Founder of Officine Générale, discusses the challenges of raising funds and working with external shareholders while maintaining a majority stake in the business.


    Episode 61: Marc Chaya talks to Godfrey Deeny about “Creative Expression in Fragrance” EN

    Marc Chaya, CEO & Co-Founder of Maison Francis Kurkdjian, discusses the DNA of the brand, its differentiation in the fragrance industry, the role of LVMH, and the importance of bringing joy to consumers.


    Episode 60: Martine Naman talks to Olivier Guyot about “Natural Colored Diamond Market” FR

    Martine Naman, CEO of Rainbow Gems, explains the history and resurgence of colored diamonds, and how she navigates supply chain, market scarcity, and collaborations with designers.

  • Episode 59: Barbara Werschine talks to Olivier Guyot about “Preserving French Savoir Faire” FR

    Barbara Werchine, CEO of Eric Bompard, discusses how she is preserving and promoting French savoir-faire while developing the brand to appeal to international & younger audiences. She emphasizes the importance of nurturing professional relationships, ethical sourcing, traceability, and more.


    Episode 58: Beverly Sonego talks to Olivier Guyot about “Selling Second-Hand Luxury” FR

    Beverly Sonego is the Founder of Monogram Paris, a luxury resale brand. She shares her insights into how she has transformed her love for second-hand fashion into a thriving business, from navigating counterfeits to building a loyal community of customers and using social platforms to sell.


    Episode 57: Sandrine Zerbib talks to Olivier Guyot about “The Evolution of the Chinese Market”

    Sandrine Zerbib, founder & Chairwoman of FullJet - a company that has been assisting western companies enter the Chinese market, talks about the transformation and growth of the Chinese economy from the 90s.


    Episode 56: Bruno Lavagna talks to Olivier Guyot about “The role of Geopolitics in the Luxury Industry”

    Author of the book Géopolitique du Luxe, talks about the relationship between the State and luxury groups and how brands could have a geostrategic approach to international growth.


    Episode 55: Lucie Soulard talks to Godfrey Deeny about “Reinventing second-hand”

    Co-Founder and COO of Place2Swap talks about her innovative idea which facilitates the incorporation of sustainable consumption practices in companies. Listen to the podcast to find out how Place2Swap developed their process to promote circular economy, and how they differentiate from other resale platforms.


    Episode 54: Lisa Chavy talks to Olivier Guyot about “Strategic Brand Building”

    From sourcing, using the French savoir-faire techniques and incorporating multi-cultural approach to her designs, Lisa dives deep into the success behind her affordable luxury lingerie brand - from getting expert advice, finding investors, taking the brand international and dealing with challenges.


    Episode 53: Isabelle Guichot talks to Olivier Guyot about “The Importance of Strategic Sourcing”

    CEO of SMCP Group talks about the group’s operations and recent efforts to enter new emerging markets while also embracing different digital streams as point of sales. Tune in to our latest podcast to find out more about the role of supply chain in the premium luxury industry.


    Episode 52: Nathalie Célia talks to Olivier Guyot about “Evolution of Luxury Watchmaking”

    From a EY consultant to a Luxury Industry professional, Nathalie talks about her thrilling experiences at different big maisons. Tune in to our latest podcast to find out more about the recent developments such as application of new technologies, vintage market and efforts to grow clientele within the watch-making industry.


    Episode 51: Marcel Nakam talks to Olivier Guyot about “Developing a Heritage Brand”

    Marcel Nakam, Co-CEO of Jonak, shares insights about Jonak, a premium footwear brand started by his grandfather in Paris in 1964, evolution of the brand and how he reinvented the business model which doubled growth.


    Episode 50: Anthony Alvarez talks to Godfrey Deeny about “Taking Inspiration from Multiculturalism”

    Launched in 2019, Bluemarble is steadily gaining popularity among young generations and currently has 25 stores globally. The New York-born designer, who has French, Filipino, Spanish, and Italian heritage defines Bluemarble as “a celebration of multiculturalism“.

  • Episode 49: Céline Choain talks to Olivier Guyot about “Strategic transformation & Fashion Tech”

    Céline Choain, Senior Partner at Kea Partners talks about transformation and fashion tech ecosystem. Find out more as she shares the four elements to accelerate the industry and the key to building resilient and secure sectors.


    Episode 48: Nicolas Parpex talks to Olivier Guyot about “Fashion Capital & Strategy”

    Nicolas talks about capital investments in the fashion sector. Find out more about equity investments and bridging the gap between finance and creative worlds by encouraging dialogue between the two.


    Episode 47: Pierre-François talks to Godfrey Deeny about “French Fashion Ecosystem & Finance”

    Find out more about the lively French fashion ecosystem, the cultural impact of French history and savoir-faire as well as the relevance and role of politics in fashion.


    Episode 46: Cecile Lochard talks to Godfrey Deeny about “Sustainability in Luxury Beauty”

    Find out more as she talks about her career path and her journey at Guerlain where she optimized sustainable practices by encouraging transparency and innovation throughout the supply chain.


    Episode 45: Manuel Mallen talks to Olivier Guyot about “The value of lab-grown diamonds”

    Manuel talks about how he introduced lab-grown diamonds to the high-jewellery sector. Find out how the brand landed a spot on the Parisian Place Vendôme, and how topics such as scarcity, sustainability and gemmology are embedded in the moral fabric of the brand.


    Episode 44: Maggie Henriquez talks to Olivier Guyot about “Elevating a Champagne Brand”

    Find out how Maggie redefined KRUG’s strategy and revolutionized marketing by incorporating music, art and culture with the discovery of the original founder’s notebook.


    Episode 43: Henri Sebaoun talks to Olivier Guyot about “Reinventing a Fashion Brand”

    Henri Sebaoun, Directeur Général of French fashion brand Vanessa Bruno and ex-Directeur Général of Carven, shares his background in luxury ready-to-wear fashion and its evolution over time in a world dictated by fast fashion.


    Episode 42: Clarisse Reille talks to Olivier Guyot about “The Evolution of Fashion in France”

    Get in-depth insights into the current state of fashion in France, the growing focus on sustainable fashion, and the importance of omnichannel strategies and navigating the new normal.


    Episode 41: Nathalie Colin talks to Olivier Guyot about “The Role of Creativity”

    Nathalie Colin, former Artistic Director and Board member of Swarovski, and Co-Founder Maison Minuit, takes us through her professional journey, and what it takes to transform creative ideas into commercial action.


    Episode 40: Lutz Huelle talks to Godrey Deeny about “Being an Independent Designer in Paris”

    Lutz talks about his background, how he arrived in Paris and became an influential designer. Discover his unique experience of working with the fashion genius Martin Margiela, finding investors, and starting his own project.


    Episode 39: Chantal Baudron talks to Olivier Guyot about “Driving Success & Agility”

    Chantal talks about her background, how she set up her own business practice, and came to be a business angel. Find out what goes on behind the scenes in the world of recruitment and how things are changing with the advent of remote working and digital transformation.


    Episode 38: Dan Arrouas talks to Olivier Guyot about “Future of Fashion”

    Co-founder and CEO of Ba&sh, talks about the history and international development of Ba&sh and his optimistic view of the future. Get the insider’s look into the future of fashion, post-pandemic luxury market, sustainability, retail and digital innovation.


    Episode 37: Natalie Bader talks to Olivier Guyot about “Reinventing Strategies“

    Natalie talks about her experience of working with brands like Chanel, Sephora, Prada, and navigating the world of luxury – from beauty to fashion and jewellery, and now hospitality.


    Episode 36: Alexandre Vauthier talks to Godfrey Deeny about ”French Haute Couture”

    Alexandre takes us through his experience of working with iconic celebrities and brands like Mugler and Jean-Paul Gaultier. Find out how he built his brand and approach his business.

  • Episode 35: Frédérique Picard talks to Olivier Guyot about “Building Timeless Brands”

    Frédérique talks about her professional journey in different sectors of luxury and understanding different types of consumers and her vision for Maison Carel.


    Episode 34: Erwan Rambourg talks to Godfrey Deeny about “The Future of Luxury Business”

    Erwan delves deeper into the various actors at play in an increasingly competitive luxury industry. Learn more about the state of luxury consumers, the role of digitalization and Chinese clientele.


    Episode 33: Gerald Cohen talks to Olivier Guyot about “New Actors of Change”

    Dive deeper into Gerald’s inspirations, working with different designers, the difference in codes from generation to generation and the new actors of change impacting our world today.


    Episode 32: Helen Lambert Kennedy talks to Godfrey Deeny about “New Opportunities in Retail”

    Helen highlights the new challenges and opportunities within the retail industry and its transformation, and the impact of COVID-19 on accelerating the inevitable digitalization in fashion – from buying to selling.


    Episode 31: “The Shifting Focus of China” with Ariel Wizman & Jean Revis

    Ariel Wizman, Co-Founder of Miniso and Jean Revis, Co-Founder of MAD Network talk about China and the current socio-political landscape and the future of luxury in China.


    Episode 30: “Sustainability in Fashion & Luxury” with Sylvie Benard

    Sylvie Benard, Founder of La Dame à la Licorne and Paris Good Fashion and Former Environment Director at LVMH talks about measuring the impact of sustainable development – from vision to production to marketing.


    Episode 29: “Evolution of French Luxury” with Bénédicte Epinay

    Bénédicte Epinay, President & CEO of the Comité Colbert, elaborates on the evolution of editorial press in France, the role of Comité Colbert in French luxury, the importance of promoting culture and what to expect in 2021.


    Episode 28: “The New Age of Fashion” with Victoria Feldman and Tomas Berzin

    Victoria Feldman and Tomas Berzins, founders of the young French fashion brand, Victoria/Tomas, share the story behind the brand and how they are developing sustainable practices.


    Episode 27: “Transforming Second-hand Luxury” with Maximilian Bittner

    Maximilian Bittner, CEO of Vestiaire Collective, discusses the growing influence of e-commerce and the impact of Covid-19 on digital acceleration. Find out how Vestiaire Collective is reinforcing sustainability and transforming the second-hand luxury market.


    Episode 26: “Fashion Without Boundaries” with Isabelle Capron

    Isabelle Capron, Vice President of Icicle Shanghai Fashion Group, a pioneer for durable Eco Fashion in China, discusses her journey so far and shares her experience of creating brand strategies for a new and global Chinese fashion brand.


    Episode 25: “DNA of French Fashion” with Alexandre Mattiussi

    Alexandre Mattiussi, Founder and Designer of a young French fashion label, Ami talks about how he overcame the odds to start and grow his brand all over the world. Learn how Alexandre uses inspiration from everyday interactions to continue evolving the French brand.

  • Episode 24: “Dissecting the Luxury Business” with Jean-Noël Kapferer

    Learn how different brands market the appeal of ‘luxury’, the difference in cultural interpretations of luxury, and how brands can approach the ultimate challenge of growth vs. exclusivity in the industry.


    Episode 23: “Can AI Disrupt Luxury?” with Tony Pinville

    Tony Pinville is the Co-founder and CEO of Heuritech, a trend forecasting agency powered by AI. He explains how he built an innovative tool that empowers businesses to predict consumer trends.


    Episode 22: “Reviving American Luxury” with Ulrik Garde Due

    Ulrik Garde Due, President and CEO of Mark Cross, one of the oldest American luxury brands, shares his secret strategies for reviving a heritage brand and connecting it with younger audiences.


    Episode 21: “Building Heritage Brands” with Sophie Lacoste

    Sophie Lacoste, Administrator of Fusalp and granddaughter of René Lacoste, shares her inspiration behind the transformation of Fusalp, future of premium-luxe sportswear market and the importance of creating a positive impact on the world.


    Episode 20: “Fashion in the Next Decade” with Sidney Toledano

    Sidney Toledano, Chairman and CEO of LVMH Fashion Brands takes us inside the world of fashion at LVMH, and shares the relaunch of Patou, working with creative directors such as Hedi Slimane and John Galliano, as well as the future of fashion.


    Episode 19: “The Power of Community” with Céline Orjubin

    Céline Orjubin, co-founder and CEO of MyLittleParis, a company with a unique business model. Find out the inspirations behind the concept of ‘MyLittleParis’ and how they were able to build a 4-million strong community, with just a newsletter.


    Episode 18: “Who leads creativity for luxury?” with Floriane de Saint-Pierre

    Floriane de Saint-Pierre, a phenomenal talent matchmaker in the luxury industry founded her HR consulting firm to connect best talents with leading brands globally. Find out how the role of media, changing definitions of creativity and new business models are influencing the industry.


    Episode 17: “Luxury’s Social Strategy” with Violaine Gressier

    Violaine Gressier, Luxury Industry Manager at Facebook shares her view on how luxury brands build exceptional social media strategies. Keep up with the content evolution, engage the audiences and learn about the potential of brands like Gucci, who are harnessing the power of social media.


    Episode 16: “Building Brands of the Future” with Odile Roujol

    Odile Roujol, Founder of FAB and advisor to many beauty start-ups in Silicon Valley, such as BPSK, GlamCam, Proven Skincare, etc. Learn how she built a co-creation platform to empower women entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs from ethnical minorities in the beauty industry.


    Episode 15: “Redefining Luxury Retail” with Nicolas Houzé

    Nicolas Houzé, CEO of Galeries Lafayette and BHV Marais talks about what it means to nurture and grow a family-run business, while maintaining the ‘French Art de Vivre’. Learn how Nicolas is redefining what luxury retail experience means in today’s world.


    Episode 14: “Rejuvenating a Luxury Brand” with Eléonore Baudry

    Eléonore Baudry, President of Figaret Paris and Associate Director at Experienced Capital. Learn about her experience of developing brands like Gucci, Sarenza, and more. Today, she is reviving the image of Figaret Paris – get insights into the evolving consumer habits and social media.


    Episode 13: “Fashion Independence” with Olivier Theyskens

    Belgian fashion designer, Olivier Theyskens, who has worked for major design houses like Rochas, Nina Ricci and Theory. Learn what it means to be an independent fashion designer in the age of social media and the power of cultural influences on fashion.


    Episode 12: “The Art of Storytelling” with Isabelle Gex

    Isabelle Gex – President of Global Fragrances at Shiseido, Sr. Advisor for Luxurynsight, and the former Global President of LVMH Fragrances offers an exclusive insider’s look into the business of luxury fragrances, the importance of visual storytelling and building a strong brand identity.


    Episode 11: “Inside Japan’s luxury market” with Richard Collasse

    Richard Collasse, Head of Global Travel Retail at Chanel talks about the impact of culture and society on luxury brands, international business expansion strategies and developing Chanel in Japan.

  • Episode 10: “Fashion in Digital Age” with Pierre François Le Louët

    Pierre François Le Louet, President of Fédération Française du Prêt à Porter Féminin (FFPAPF) and Nelly Rodi, talks about his role in supporting independent French fashion designers and the importance of investing in young entrepreneurs.


    Episode 9: “New Age of Retail” with Delphine Vitri and Jean Revis

    Our guests Delphine Vitry and Jean Revis, co-founders of MAD Network, a French company specialising in retail projects and customer experience, talk about their interesting careers, importance of retail in the luxury industry, evolution of retail strategies, and more.


    Episode 8: “Branding for Fashion” with Anouck Duranteau-Loeper

    Anouck Duranteau-Loeper, Deputy CEO of Isabel Marant, has previously worked for brands such as LVMH, Celine and Paco Rabanne. Learn about her experiences and working at Isabel Marant.


    Episode 7: “Luxury: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow” with Christian Blanckaert

    Christian spills insider secrets and anecdotes, with our host, Godfrey Deeny. Learn the importance of innovation in Luxury, changing consumer behaviours and capturing the essence of luxury.


    Episode 6: “New Age of Luxury” with Massimo Piombini

    Massimo Piombini, CEO of Balmain has worked with various luxury brands for over 30 years and talks about reviving Balmain, the growing importance of sustainability and using AI to understand consumer behaviour.


    Episode 5: “Digitalization of Luxury” with Michel Campan

    Michel Campan, CEO of H2O Consulting, a true digital pioneer in the luxury industry, with remarkable contributions at Hermès, Lancôme and Dior Couture. He is also an advisor at BSPK, Wellness Wave and Luxurynsight. Join along as he shares his journey through the digital transformation and evolution of the luxury industry.


    Episode 4: “The Power of Data and Design” with Elie Papiernik

    Elie Papiernik, Co-Founder and Design Director of Centdegrés. Join the conversation as Elie explains the importance of designing emotional brands, taking risks and using data intelligence for design innovation.


    Episode 3: “The China Factor” with Catherine Aymard-Yu

    Our this week’s guest is Catherine Aymard-Yu, former Chinese Clientele Director at Van Cleef & Arpels and Galeries Lafayette. Follow along her journey as she discusses the evolution of Chinese tourists & their aspirations.


    Episode 2: “Building Sustainable Influencer Strategies” with Michael Jais

    Join Michael Jais, CEO of Launchmetrics, in conversation with Olivier Guyot of Fashion Network. Take a deeper look into what influencers really mean in the fashion, beauty and luxury industries as Michael talks about different types of influencers.


    Episode 1: “The art of time” with Stanislas de Quercize

    Stanislas de Quercize, former President of Richemont France, former CEO and President of Cartier International and Van Cleef and Arpels talks with Godfrey Deeny of Fashion Network about his journey, how the things have evolved over the years.