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Examining Burberry's chequered future

The piece offers a deep dive into the luxury brand's performance, revealing a 34% year-on-year drop in operating profit. It further compares Burberry's -4% sales growth to competitors like Hermès (+16%) and Chanel (+15%), and explores the brand's regional performance with a further analysis of brand's strategies for the future.

As highlighted by Jonathan Siboni, the CEO of Luxurynsight, 'People buy because they think it has value, not because it's expensive. Burberry tried to take the shortcut.' 

Discover more insights on Burberry 's performance, including varied expert advice for the brand to focus on British heritage, core products in the full article.

We're grateful to journalist, Zoe Hu from Drapers magazine for featuring Luxurynsight’s CEO, Jonathan Siboni in the article.

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