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Luxury labels driving fashion’s pop-up store boom

In the dynamic world of luxury retail, staying informed is key. 

We are pleased to share that Luxurynsight's recent feature on Fashion Network, authored by Dominique Muret, highlights our latest report: 'Pop-up stores H1 2023: The Rise of Secondary Areas' This report takes us on a fascinating journey into the ever-changing realm of luxury retail. 

Key Takeaways:

Luxurynsight's featured insights on Fashion Network underscore our commitment to deciphering the ever-evolving luxury landscape. 

The Pop-up Stores H1’23 Report: The Rise of Secondary Areas was made possible thanks to LY Retail, Luxurynsight’s AI-powered worldwide retail mapping platform for luxury, fashion, and beauty leaders. Book a personal 

Read the full article and discover more in-depth insights on Fashion Network.

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