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Jonathan Siboni talks at the Sommet du Luxe about the luxury industry


Augmented retail, new consumer expectations, innovative materials, data and AI, blockchains, influencers, new manufacturing processes, relocation... the last Luxury and Creation Summit, a few days before the March 2020 confinement, initiated a reflection on these creative disruptions within the luxury industry.

The Covid pandemic accelerated these technological, marketing, managerial and even political (r)evolutions, as witnessed by the development of cancel culture and the search for identity.

Our CEO, Jonathan Siboni shared his luxury and China market expertise alongside the amazing panel of industry leaders like Jasmina Banda Jurisevic, Chief strategy officer, Chalhoub, Damien Dodane, President, CRISTEL, Renaud Dutreil, President, Mirabaud, Violaine Gressier, Head of Luxury, Meta, Antoinette Lemens, CEO, Lemens & Partners, and Nina Métayer, Cheffe pâtissière