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Global Luxury Brand Analysis H1 2023

Introducing the latest H1 2023 Global Luxury Brand Analysis Report

Welcome to the release of our latest H1 2023 Global Luxury Brand Analysis Report, where we dive into the world of luxury to bring you all kinds of exclusive data and insights. 

In the dynamic landscape of the luxury world, this comprehensive biannual report examines the performance of 3 luxury categories, 58 leading luxury brands, and 2,994 luxury activations across the world providing invaluable insights into the first half of 2023.

For instance, the report sheds light on a significant 26% drop in local product activations in China when comparing H1 ’22 and H1 ’23. Decoding this shift in the global luxury market, this report also highlights top performers and inspiring practices, offering valuable insights for businesses navigating the evolving luxury landscape.

Global Stellar Performers in Focus

Discover how esteemed names like Christian Dior Couture, Gucci, Balenciaga, Loewe, Louis Vuitton, Saint Laurent, Bulgari, Cartier, Rolex, The Estée Lauder Companies Inc., Lancôme, La Mer, and more have shaped the luxury landscape in H1 2023. We zoom in on their luxury strategies and innovations that have driven them to the forefront of the luxury industry.

Diverse Categories and In-Depth Overview

Our lens extends across the Fashion & Leather Goods, Perfume & Cosmetics, and Watches & Jewellery industries. We inspect each brand's product, communication strategies, and retail activations, offering you a comprehensive understanding of the diverse facets of the luxury market.

Chinese Market Dynamics: Shaping Global Luxury Trends

Recognising the pivotal role of the Chinese market in influencing global luxury trends, we bring you the latest activations and updates about luxury brands. Stay informed about the dynamic shifts in this crucial consumer market.·

Cutting-Edge Technology and Expert Distillation 

Fuelling our analysis is LY Watch platform, our AI-powered, competitive intelligence tool, complemented by the expertise of our dedicated data professionals . Together, they distill the complex luxury strategies landscape into actionable insights, providing you with a deeper understanding of the luxury industry in H1 2023.

“Right now, the world is in trouble. We’re in the middle of a war in Ukraine, a war in the Middle East, upcoming elections in America, and China economic tension. And still, luxury is resilient.” – Jonathan Siboni, Founder and CEO of Luxurynsight on WWD

Stay updated with the latest news on luxury brands, including China-focused comparative data. This report is an indispensable resource for industry professionals and luxury market enthusiasts alike. 

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