Data and China in the Driver’s Seat: Exploring Luxury’s Future with Jonathan Siboni


Get ready to have your understanding of luxury revolutionized with Jonathan Siboni, founder and CEO of Luxurynsight. Luxury’s definition has evolved, transitioning from a mere display of wealth to a more personalized expression of individual identity. Data now guides luxury brands, helping them predict upcoming trends and openings in the market, making an impact, particularly in the beauty sector of the fashion industry.

The next phase of their exploration centres on the significance of human connection and technological advancements in the luxury realm. Jonathan underlines the value of a personal touch and originality in this luxury industry and how data technology can enhance these aspects. They discuss the concept of ‘personalized luxury,’ diving into the strategies luxury brands employ to communicate successfully with their consumers and stand out in the ever-evolving market.

The duo also discusses the tricky task of digitalisation, the concept of omni channel, the global shifting power structures in the luxury landscape. They also take an exciting detour into the future of luxury data, particularly in emerging markets like China, and examine societal and political impacts on the luxury industry

Join us in this fantastic voyage as Carlota and Jonathan unravel the complexities of luxury and the transformative power of data in reshaping the fashion industry’s future.

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