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Brands are betting on sports team sponsorships as a growing business opportunity

The latest report of Luxurynsight x Traackr has been featured by Glossy, in its article on the evolving landscape of brand sponsorships in the realm of sports, authored by Danny Parisi.

Brands like Nike, Adidas, Skims and On Running are leveraging athlete partnerships to amplify their brand presence, while luxury brands such as Dior and LVMH are harnessing athlete endorsements to reach new audiences and drive engagement.

Our CEO, Jonathan Siboni, highlighted that these collaborations represent a strategic alliance bridging luxury and sports, offering brands unprecedented opportunities for brand visibility and innovation.

'Collaboration between athletes and luxury houses became a powerful marketing alliance. Luxury brands have always benefited from athletes' global reach and authenticity, as we have seen for years in watches. These partnerships have now spread to more categories to enhance brand visibility to younger audiences and even spark innovation and exclusive product lines, especially in a pre-Olympic period,' said Jonathan Siboni, Luxurynsight CEO and co-founder.

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