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What to Watch: European luxury brands facing further reality checks

In the ever-evolving landscape of luxury retail, European brands are gearing up for a year of reality checks, as highlighted in a recent article by Samantha Conti. Amidst global uncertainties including geopolitical tensions and looming elections, luxury brands and retailers are bracing for a challenging period ahead.

Our CEO & co-founder, Jonathan Siboni, provided valuable perspectives and emphasized the importance of resilience amidst normalization, stating, 'This normalization has to be put in context of a very high growth period which was exceptional. Right now, the world is in trouble. We’re in the middle of a war in Ukraine, a war in the Middle East, upcoming elections in America, and China economic tension. And still, luxury is resilient. It’s not resilient at 20 percent growth rates — that doesn’t make sense. Instead, it’s resilient at 6 to 8 percent growth rates. Let’s not cry.'

With projections indicating a slowdown in growth rates, European luxury brands are strategizing for the year ahead. For a comprehensive understanding of the strategies European luxury brands are employing to navigate the shifting market dynamics, read the full article on WWD.

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