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Luxurynsight hosts Hackathon to foster innovation across the company

Luxurynsight has always believed in reinventing itself and always being ready for change. Luxurynsight organised its first ever company-wide hackathon LY.HACKS to encourage the teams to develop new and innovative ideas to make our products better for our customers. Luxurynsight strongly believes in making data accessible and useful to luxury leaders, with the intention of making their lives easier.The event, which lasted for an entire day, was a huge success thanks to the disruptive and innovative ideas presented to by the 9 teams. The teams managed to propose exceptional ideas and prototypes, which highlighted the companies impeccable in-house tech team and data geniuses. The teams were given 5 minutes to pitch their ideas and they were assessed based on five pre-defined criteria by their jury and peers.


The hackathon aimed to foster innovation, cultivate creative ideas, and align the teams vision on the overall 2023 strategy.